Microservices for non-voice business communications and text analysis

File Editor

Upload any text and edit the contents online. Forget about format issues and just focus on the content!

Keyword Extractor

Upload your content and get a list of the words that matter. Repetitions, domain-specific terms & phrases, SEO discovery, and much more!

Machine Translation

Enjoy the best of Machine Translation in the market with format support. Just upload any format and get it translated. If you want to polish the results, please visit our File Editor section.

Coming soon!

Manage your website multilingual content with one line of code. The most cost-effective Web Content Management System around!

Website Content Extraction Tool

Enter the website of interest and get all the content scrapped. We will send you all texts and sections organized by route. Use it to avoid copy pasting contents to work on your copy writing or find out SEO positioning keywords used by your competition. Just scrap the web and upload the texts to our keyword extractor.

Enterprise Data Anonymization Tool

Mask personally identifiable information such as proper names, emails or addresses from contracts, sales proposals, business reports, or any other critical document.